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Bespoke Home Study

Whether you work from home or just need a comfortable space to escape to with books and your computer, your home office deserves to be well thought out and designed. 

An appropriately sized desk, cupboards, drawers, shelves, etc. all need to to be incorporated into the ultimate set-up. Maybe a mini-library? And then the question of finish is up to you—painted white, a bright colour, some real wood elements? Dark or light?


Alcove Desks

Compact computer stations can be built into alcoves. Maybe a think drawer for some stationary. Maybe a cord access covered neatly with a cord tidy. We’ll get the desk just right for you. 

We’re careful to give you enough space to swivel in and out comfortably and also enough space for your knees to get all the way under without bumping into anything.

Custom office setups

Pre-made desks come in quite standard shapes and sizes and may not fit your space how you want. Our custom desks have no restrictions. We often use oak or another hardwood on our desks and then varnish them to get a very resilient finish that can take some use.


Give us your requirements for us to come up with the best solution for your needs and specifications

Design & Quote

We’ll provide a visual design so you can see what your wardrobe will look like. You’ll also get a quote for the cost


Once you’ve approved the design, your wardrobe is made, delivered and then installed by our expert team.

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get a quote. No Obligation