Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes

Get your bespoke wardrobe built and delivered

Pre-made or badly designed wardrobes can waste so much space. Allow us to design you new wardrobes from scratch that give you all the space you need, look great in your room and add value to your house.

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Traditional Wardrobes

We can match your fitted wardrobes the style of your period house with ornate beading on the doors and stylish cornice crowning the top of the wardrobes. 

We have standard options for this but can also offer super custom “matching” at a premium price. It’s the details that’ll make your wardrobe stand out—and detail is something that we’re very much into.


Shaker Style Wardrobes

Our bespoke shaker style wardrobes are our most popular. They fit perfectly into a Victorian or Edwardian house but at the same time have well defined lines that give them a sharp, slightly contemporary look. 

We in particular recommend shaker wardrobes if you want to fit in with the existing features and character of your house but want to edge towards a contemporary look.

Contemporary Wardrobes

Whether you want that sleek minimalist look in the beautiful, soft, smoothness that our sprayed finishes offer or a more showy full gloss modern look, we can do it. It’s all custom too so you really can have what you want. 

Handleless doors through the use of push-shut mechanisms or fully mirrored doors that open up the room and also serve as dressing mirrors. We’re hot when it comes to classy wardrobes.


Tall Wardrobes

Conquer new territory by having us custom build wardrobes that go right to your ceiling! Those higher heights are perfect for long term storage of bed linen, suitcase and so much more. It doesn’t matter how tall your ceilings are, we can make useful use of the space. We’d love to give you our advice on how to utilise your spaces.

Feature Shelves

After a particular look? We can add a bit of flair to your wardrobes with feature shelves, or cantilevered drawers doubling as bedside tables and a lot more. 

We can work with your electrician to add feature illumination or practical illumination—its a great wardrobe feature to have internal LED lights that flick on and off automatically as you open the wardrobe doors.



“Double hanging”, one rail above another really maximises your hanging space, but don’t forget your long hanging! We can divide up units to give the different allowances based on your actual personal wardrobe. We’ll measure your existing hanging rail usage and ideally try to give you that and then some. 

Add drawers for your underwear and smaller items, add shelves for your folded clothes. We like to spend the time to really think through your wardrobe internals and find the design that gives you the best return.


Shoes mustn’t be forgotten! How many pairs do you have? Bespoke built wardrobe shelves for the exact amount of shoes you have. Or maybe display shoe trays that pull out on drawer runners for easy access? And maybe a few extra shoe shelves for the shoes that still need to be shopped for? We love creating custom housing for your shoes.


Mirrors & Fixtures

A dressing mirror on the inside of a door is a great option that tucks away into your wardrobe when not in use. We’ll help you choose the best door to put it on to give you space to pose in front of it when getting dressed. 

Sometimes using wide opening hinges is what’s needed to get the mirror into a comfortable position. Also tie racks, belt hooks, coat and hat hooks—it’s all in the details. Maybe even a jewellery drawer?


Give us your requirements for us to come up with the best solution for your needs and specifications

Design & Quote

We’ll provide a visual design so you can see what your wardrobe will look like. You’ll also get a quote for the cost


Once you’ve approved the design, your wardrobe is made, delivered and then installed by our expert team.

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